Baphomart is the online marketplace for purveyors of the strange and wonderful.

Unlock the selling potential of your business.
Are you an artist, maker, designer, creative, collector, creator, craft person or something else? Do you have a trade you want to share with the world?

Baphomart is designed to help you.
Take advantage of our powerful tools to boost your products to an ever growing like-minded community of buyers and sellers.

Powered by people.
In the age of automation, it’s refreshing to connect to a real person. Our shops are made by international, talented, imaginative and creative human beings.

The marketplace for the dark arts
Built to help you discover and explore exclusive, unique and unusual creations that you won’t find on your high street.

Here you will find;
Curiosities, collectable toys, witchy clothing and apparel, artwork, underground publishers, taxidermy, unique jewellery, eclectic décor, objet d’art, health and beauty potions, lost and found items, religious and occult relics, masks, novelties, antiques, games, ethnic crafts, exotic food and drinks, undiscovered music, forgotten memories, rare oddities, bric-a-brac, specimens, and other unique ephemera.

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