How to photograph your products

Great product photography is critical to successfully sell online. A person cannot touch or pick up your product, so your photography is the next best thing to tell them everything they need to know at a glance and woo them into making that purchase.

Here are our top recommendations for how to best show your products:

1. Lifestyle photography

Remember that saying, a picture is worth a thousand words? Well that’s exactly the aim with a lifestyle shot. The photo should entice the customer by demonstrating its purpose in-context, how a customer would use it and inspire their need to purchase it.

TLDR: Your product in situ

2. Packshot photography

The humble packshot is a clean, clear, uncluttered image to show customers what you are selling. The image should be photographed on a bright, plain background (usually white), show any details clearly and any variations, such as different colours, you might have on offer.

TLDR: Your product on a plain background

3. Scale photography

Trust is incredibly important when selling to a customer, they need to know that the large decorative skull they have purchased is in fact large and not a tiny mouse skull! Accurately representing your product prevents confusion, limits returns, and builds brand loyalty. The best way to show scale depends on what you are selling, you could position your product with common items such as a coin, or show clothing items worn by a model.

TLDR: Show the exact size of your product

4. It’s in the detail

Time to show off those intricate illustrations on your tarot cards, or the realistic eyes on the your taxidermy cat. Close-up photography should show the quality and any interesting features that cannot be seen in a full-view photograph of your product. These images should set the expectations for your customer about what they will receive.

TLDR: Close-up photography to highlight your products features


5. Multiple-products photography
Selling more than one product under one listing? Then make it clear by showcasing a group shot of the products altogether. A group shot could be used if you are selling clothing, that comes in different colours or jewellery that uses the same design but different materials.

TLDR: Multiple products shown together

6. Wrap it up!

You’ve taken the time to craft your product, now what do you send it out in? If your packaging is just as curated as your product, why not showcase it through a photograph. This will show care and attention to your customers, and convey your branding.

TLDR: Product packaging worth shouting about

7. Behind the scenes

Showing your customer the time, effort and workmanship that goes into creating your products helps build a brand relationship and a level of trust. Customers love to see a little ‘behind the scenes’ and invest in something truly unique.

TLDR: Your product being created

You don’t have to use all of our suggestions, just choose what works best for your product. Remember, the photo is the first thing the customer will look at, so grab their attention and drive those sales!

You can upload up to six photographs and remember to use the recommended square dimensions (600 x 600 pixels in product pages)

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