Introducing Seller Badges

Baphomart rewards Sellers for their accomplishments with Badges!

Our new Seller Badges reward our sellers for their achievements on Baphomart, making shops stand out based on their activities!

Are you eligible for a badge?

Head over to your seller’s dashboard and select ‘Badge’ to check your eligibility. Here you can see an overview of the badges currently available on Baphomart, and which level on each you have achieved.

Seller Authenticity and Quality Assurance for Customers

Customers can view your seller badges and check for authenticity. We have replaced the old ‘Verified Seller’ tab with a new Badge tab on your shop front. We recommend all sellers verify their identity (this is a legal requirement). If you have verfifed your shop, customers will be able to see the new Verifed Seller badge on your shop.

Based on badges and how far along a seller is on each badge level, can encourage customers to purhase from your shop.

Customers will be able to easily recognise sellers with specific badges such as the most orders completed, or with the most 5 star reviews

Here’s an example of the badges you may be eligible for:


Special Badge Holders

We have a few special badges – The ‘Exclusive to Baphomart’ badge will be allocated to those that are selling items exclusive to Baphomart. If you have products that are only on our platform, let us know and we will review your shop.  The ‘Featured Seller’ will be awarded to those who have good regular marketing on their social media, just be sure to tag us @baphomart on your posts.


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