Live Events: Rites of Spring Fayre & Satanic Sessions

Satanic Flea Market Rites of Spring 2024
Satanic Sessions April 2024

To mark the Satanic Flea Market’s 9th year in existence, we have extended our tentacles into the night with Satanic Sessions; our official market after-party featuring an eclectic array of live bands and performances.

As dusk descends onto Electrowerkz, come imbue the season with a selection of thirsty happy hour poisons (from 6-8pm) and join us as we kick off our inaugural Satanic Session, featuring:

Concrete Age
Formed in the North Caucasus region in 2011. Concrete Age takes the ancient, primal sounds of ethnic music from around the world and blends them with the visceral power of extreme metal.  Over the course of eight studio albums, they have created songs that engage the heart and the mind and speak to the soul. They have collaborated with the likes of Marduk, Vader, Hate Eternal, and Korpiklaani, Concrete Age have honed their skills and refined their shamanistic magic – all of which has to lead to new album Bardo Thodol!

Flesh Tetris
A bunch of bunnies was released from their cage in another universe, and finally they landed on Planet Earth. Catchier than a hangnail on a pair of fishnets, Flesh Tetris are edgy, tuneful and highly addictive. Pop music for unpopular people. Retro SciFi Eurotrash armed to the teeth with barbed pop hooks and weaponised synths.

Death Ingloria
Death Ingloria explores Humanity’s depths, its heights, and its inevitable conclusions through rock music, comic art and animation. Their albums are complete Science Fiction story told across songs, comics and animated videos which play out during Death Ingloria’s performances. Each comic is the narration of the story, the songs the voices of the characters.

Nigel Osner with Steve Somerset performing “Still Ticking!”
Three years ago Nigel nearly died when a heart operation went seriously wrong. But he’s still here and still performing. Join us as he looks back over his past with original lyrics and stories by characters inc a jaded rock star, a man who hates being labelled, a woman who has given up men, a vampire — and even a non-binary Death!

+ Mercury Tarot will be available for readings

Event Info:
Satanic Sessions
Sunday 7 April 2024
6pm – 11pm
Electrowerkz, 7 Torrens Street, Angel EC1V 1NQ

Buy Tickets
£10 / Limited Early Bird
£14 / Advanced (includes access to the market from 5pm)

Be the goats who stray from the herd Be the goats who fearlessly go over Troll infested bridges Be the goats who, on a moonlit night, on a craggy mountain peak…get their arses kissed at the Sabbat!

Satanic Flea Market Rites of Spring 2024

Here are the details for the market for our first market of the 2024!

Satanic Flea Market is a quarterly dark arts and crafts event based in London, UK. Featuring 100+ unusual shops full of curiosities & oddities.

Discover a demonic collection of vintage & bespoke collectibles, underground fashion, fortune tellers, original art, cultural relics, vintage clothing, unusual toys, occult trinkets, obscure records, bric-a-brac, hand-made comix & zines, human skulls, taxidermy, and much more.
Electrowerkz bar and pop-up restaurant will be serving deliciously devilish bites to eat (veg & vegan options available).
Satanic Flea Market – Samhain Fayre
Sunday 7th April 2024
12pm – 6pm
£4 Entry (Card or exact change please!)
ONLY available at the door – NOT sold in advance.
@ Electrowerkz, 7 Torrens Street, London, EC1V 1NQ
Supervised children and dogs/cats with old souls are welcome.
No outside drinks or food allowed in the venue.
This venue has stairs to access the middle, top, and penthouse floors. Wheelchair access is limited to the ground floor [which has: our divination room, bar, restaurant, coffee shop, battle jacket sewing club + live music]. Free entry for wheelchair attendees.
Entry queue times vary depending on how busy we are. We have added a cap on numbers in the building to stop overcrowding. Once we are open we have a steady flow in and out, however, wait times can be up to 20 minutes or so. Thanks for your patience! It’s worth it!

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