• Purple Aura Quartz- Platinum, Gold & Silver

    Sold By: Bramble & Bone

    Aura Quartz is made when you have natural Quartz crystal and fuse it with precious metals via electrostatic bonding. This particular quartz has been bonded with Platinum, Gold and Silver. This means that both sets of spirits co-exist within this piece.

    Quartz is naturally a good spirit communicator, it shares and learns from it’s surroundings. Because of this, many people use it as a stone of amplification. However, unless you talk with the spirit and let it know what you want it to amplify, it might end up amplifying completely the wrong things.

    Silver, in Scottish Tradition, is good for cleansing, blessing and consecrating. It also connects to Lunar workings and water workings. Silver is also a fairy metal, and it’s use in mirrored objects connects it to the world of Elphame.

    Gold is good for connecting to Solar Spirits. It’s transformational, eternal, incorruptible within itself- even if it can cause corruption in others. It’s favoured by the divine beings of the Heavens.

    This tower stands at 7.5cm.

    For entertainment purposes only, curio only, not for internal or external use. Spiritual use only.

  • Amethyst Heart

    Sold By: Bramble & Bone

    It is said that Amethyst crystals connects to the underworld, the other world and the land of the dead. They form at much lower temperatures than citrine for example, which connects solely to the world above. They are often thought of as being very spiritual stones for this reason. Because of their connection to the underworld, and through spirit communication- your ancestors- they’re also very fiercely protective stones. It’s because of this connection to the spirits that amethyst is also excellent for psychic connection. This then also leads the way to a form of temporary second sight and excellent dreamwork. This communication ability means that in essence, the amethyst spirits can connect to any world- including the heavens – if you ask them nicely. They can reach within to the fires within the ear and the fires within the stars.

    It’s the connection to the world below and the love from the ancestors that also gives Amethyst spirits their ability to dampen stress. Amethyst Spirits are known for their smooth demeanour when working amongst friends. They help to spiritually remove anger, fear, anxiety and irritability.

    The amethyst hearts range from 4-5 cm wide. You’ll get one from a random selection.

    Curio only.

    Sold By: Bramble & Bone

    Amethyst Heart


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