• Saining Incense

    Sold By: Bramble & Bone

    This Saining Botanical Incense is for use with works of Saining- a ritual that is a little like 1 part blessing, 1 part cleansing, 1 part protection. It is also sometimes used as a consecration ritual.  This can be used to evoke these types of spirits or to tap into the currents of Saining to your rite.

    Saining is a practice that is more focused on removing unwanted, hidden negative influences. This can also can be used with a combination of other types of spellwork. Regular saining, can make sure that your spiritual house is just as much in order as your mundane one. You can use this to safeguard your own spellwork from outside influence, an important use. A popular custom to use this at major life decisions or events, as well as on the cross-quarter days. Saining removes malefic witchcraft and spellwork- so don’t use this in an area if you currently have a curse cooking.

    The Saining incense contains Scots Pine, Rosemary, Juniper, heather, frankincense and many more botanical spirits.


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  • Witch Lord Incense

    Sold By: Bramble & Bone

    The Witch Lord is a Primordial Force given form. He is the Horned One of Many names- he who is the Wanderer Betwixt, the Witches Devil, God of the Witches. He walks within the liminal and teaches the great art of witchcraft.
    The Witchlord incense is a beautiful symphony of different devilish herbs, cursed fruits and sumptuous wine. Powdered bramble berries, wormwood, nettle root, cloves, hawthorn and other plant spirits that dance with the devil. A seductively spicy, woody, dark fruit blend to give in offering to the mighty Witch Lord or to help call him to your side when in need of his presence or assistance. The Old One’s roots go deep, and this offering of 29 different herbs, roots, oils, spices, wines and plant spirits is sure to take you to his sabbath circle.

    How to improve your incense experience
    By mixing your incense with local dirt from a place betwixt, you can improve your incense experience. This can be a crossroads, a boundary line or the soil beneath a hawthorn tree. This enhances the effects of the incense and connects to the local land spirits & regional minions of the master. (As a result, this will alter the scent of the original product-mix separately to keep the original product pure)
    Burn this on to hot charcoals to release the plant spirits and to spur them into action. Simply sprinkle the blend over the charcoal during ritual, and top up when necessary. You can burn this incense in trance to travel to the Devil and his circle.
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    The Witch Lord incense is based off of an old coven recipe. All matter of brambles, briars and thorns are sacred to him, and as such they take a vital role in the making of this incense. Both Wormwood and red wine are also ingredients famous for their devilish magics.

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  • Hekate Incense

    Sold By: Bramble & Bone

    Hekate is the Goddess of the Witches and Lady of the crossroads. She is the Queen of the Dead and the World Soul.

    The Hekate incense is primed and ready to use in devotional rites to call Hekate to your side. Use this as an offering for the Dark Mother within your rituals.
    This Hekate incense is a deep blend of 21 herbs, oils, resins and other botanicals. Within this incense, the spirits of blessed motherwort, cedar, vetiver, cinnamon, cypress, amber, and many others are ushered into action and devotion.

    Use this deep, dark and full scented blend when calling the triple formed goddess or use it as an offering to the mighty night wandering Queen. The Hekate incense is mixed on the dark moon, or within Hekatean ritual to align the plant spirits to the calling of Hekate.


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    Sold By: Bramble & Bone

    Hekate Incense


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