• Leviathan Cross Candle

    Sold By: EVOKE

    Devotional Satanic/Luciferian altar piece or appreciation of the Left Hand Path.
    -Burn time: approx. 90h
    -Weight: approx. 600g
    -Height: 12 cm
    -Embossed Leviathan Cross in front and pentagram on top. Hand-painted in silver.
    -Burn it for at least 4h in order to avoid candle tunnelling.
    -Place it on a proper holder or plate in case of overflow and spills.
    -Paraffin Wax. Unscented.
    Pro Tip: As the candle burns and creates a “wall”, always try to carefully and gently fold the (already soft) edges towards the middle, so it can also melt and prolong the life of your candle. Always trim the wick! Burnt residuals will eventually get accumulated on the wick and you will want to remove it to avoid a large flame.

    Sold By: EVOKE

    Leviathan Cross Candle


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