• Aladdin Sane Bowie Tribute Skull

    Sold By: The Skull Lady

    Bowie was a master of symbolism and allegory in his work, I connected with his need to create. This
    piece begged to be made. Bowie played with mortality throughout his work, the ‘death’ of Ziggy for example,
    was planned to perfection by his creator. The Aladdin ‘bolt’ has taken on a life of it’s own as an identifier of a time,
    a creation, but ultimately demise.

    Cast from plaster from a human skull, sculpted then decorated to a high-specification, this piece will
    give years of pleasure. Encrusted with glitter and shimmer, with the synonymous bolt motif.

    100% handmade and created in the UK.
    An original ‘The Skull Lady’ work.