• Adopt A Baby Dragon Egg, Personalised Certificate

    Sold By: The Skull Lady

    Adopt A Baby Dragon
    Egg With Personalised Scroll

    The perfect gift for anyone who loves some myth and magic in their lives.

    Give The Gift of Dragon Royalty!

    Each egg comprises of over 160 scales, individually decorated by hand, all with a shimmering finish. Available in a range of gorgeous colours, now including limited edition shades.

    Your chosen egg comes in a wooden domed casket box, hand- aged, stained and lined with felt. Inside the lid is a gold dragon embellishment.

    Included with your boxed egg is an adoption certificate, which makes it the perfect, any occasion gift. The paper has been hand aged, presented as a scroll tied with ribbon. Orders without a note will be sent with the purchaser’s name. After all, who would say no to becoming the King or Mother of Dragons?

    Looking for something bigger? A gorgeous clutch of three in presentation casket – https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/652324707

    Egg Dimension – 6cm
    Box Dimension – 6.5 x 10 x 7.5cm
    Certificate – A5

    All eggs and box finishes are unique, and will differ slightly from examples shown.
    This is a decorative item only. Due to small parts it is not suitable for babies and young children.

    Postage and Packing Included!

    The Skull Lady – What you need to know!

    Launched in 2014, The Skull Lady specialises in items that you would not find anywhere else.
    With an emphasis on small production runs using high quality materials, the range is varied, diverse, with always something new to discover.
    Influences can come from anywhere, focusing on handcrafted items that take time and talent to create. ‘As my skills grow and diversify, so do the products I offer. Every item has a reason for existing.’