• Dr Theobald the Scourger –

    I am very inspired by the look of the plague doctor. So much so in fact I also make masks, and part of Montol involves groups of similarly dressed people in guilds roaming the streets of Penzance on the 21st December every year and entertaining people at the various pubs they stop in. I have made a guild of quack doctors who play music, and add comedy to the evening, with out dated and terrifying cures and questionable sick notes for those who wish to stay in bed the following day. We also have a guise beast called Ratael, a sort of mutant plague-ridden Obby Oss in the form of a rat.

    All except two of the members of the guild are called Dr. Theobald, and this fellow beats the demons and illness out of patients, upon his robes are embroidered leeches, a quacks favoured company. He is just about to set to his evening business, and there will be a lot of people in need of his services tonight, as a meteor has foretold him of this news.

    *Disclaimer* This was designed circa 2015, but apparently foretold some events in 2020