• Diana Incense

    Sold By: Bramble & Bone

    This is a special incense connected to the Goddess Diana and her spirits. A woody, sensuous blend with highlights of basil, rosehips, hawthorn, wormwood, oak, rose and lemon on a resin base. 21 different botanical spirits will come to your aid when calling the Goddess- to be used either as an offering or to open the way to her divine presence.

    This incense mixture is based on the Goddess’ historical botanical connections, blended with a personal recipe. This results in a sumptuous blend that twists from the past to bloom into the present, like the rose plant itself. The floral scents within this concoction are to root the blend within the Nemoralia festivities- an ancient Dianic festival of colours and flowers.

    Use this Incense connect to Diana, in her roles as Goddess of the Crossroads. She who is Protector, Guide, Healer, Guardian and Goddess of the Three Worlds. Honour her as Queen of the Witches. When you use this incense, you can connect with her for any of these things. Leave this incense burning as an offering for her.

    Also, this incense is also brilliant for connection to her spirits. It’s wonderful when doing any work with lunar spirits, or when petitioning the spirits for healing.
    How to improve your incense experience
    If you wish to enhance the incense and further connect it to your own magic, you can try mixing it with local edible flowers. After doing this, you’ll find it’ll give root to the land spirits that surround you. (This will alter the scent of the original product, so mix separately to keep the original product pure)

    Hot charcoals is the best way to let these plant spirits breathe and work their ways. Simply sprinkle the blend over the charcoal during ritual, and top up when necessary.

    Use this incense as part of a trance working with the Goddess. You may find more information and visions come to you using this method.

    This product comes in a 30ml dark amber jar.
    For entertainment purposes only, curio only, not for internal or external use. Spiritual use only.

    Sold By: Bramble & Bone

    Diana Incense