• Herbs Candle Meditation Natural Lavender Scent

    Sold By: EVOKE

    Spiritual, emotional as well as physical cleansing.
    Purple large candle rolled on a mix of organic herbs, which includes Lavender, Lemongrass, Sage and Mugwort sourced from trusted partner.
    The beautiful natural scent of lavender is the most predominant when the candle is lit.

    -Weight & Burn time: 600g / 140h

    -Burn for at least 4h in order to avoid candle tunnelling.
    -Place it on a proper holder or plate in case of overflow and spills.
    -Unscented. Handmade

    Lavender: Love, Peace, Intuition, Dream Work, Lust
    Lemongrass: Healing, Psychic Power, Purification, Banishing
    Sage: Wisdom, Purification, Consecration, Banishing
    Mugwort: Strength, Healing, Astral Work, Psychic Development.

    Pro Tips:
    – Trim the wick after every burn, especially if you notice that your flame is too large. Do it preferably when the wax is solid to avoid misplacing the wick.
    – When the candle is about half, the herbs will start to accumulate on the outer side, carefully remove some herbs in order to avoid undesired fire.