• Moon Phases Candle for your Altar and Ritual Meditation

    Sold By: EVOKE

    Moon Phases Candle with its surface texture like the moon.

    Purple is the color of power and success. It’s also the color of Magick, energy and the astral plane. This is a great candle to use for meditation, ascension, astral travel and divination of all sorts. Keep something purple on your altar at all times to give all your work an extra spark of energy.

    You can also dress your candle with oils and herbs according to your intentions.

    -Weight & Burn time:
    Small approx. 30h / 180g
    Medium approx. 60h / 340g
    Large approx. 100h / 590g

    -Burn for at least 4h in order to avoid candle tunnelling.
    -Place it on a proper holder or plate in case of overflow and spills.
    -Paraffin Wax. Unscented. Handmade

    Pro Tip: Usually you should trim your wick, but for this candle, I recommend don’t! This wick is fragile and perfect for the candle’s sizes, if you trim it, the flame will become too small preventing further smooth burning.

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