• ABYSSAL ALBION #1: Eldritch Survival Horror – Digital Edition

    Sold By: Abyssal Albion


    28PAGES B/W Downloadable PDF

    The GREAT OLD ONES have awoken, and with them death and madness has rapidly spread across the globe. Still, there are a few that remain untouched by the grip of insanity, and it is a pair of such individuals that we now find ourselves following.

    Introducing us to the survivor’s guilt ridden SISTER, and the her spirited teenage BROTHER, the pair must navigate through DARK YOUNG infested woodlands and DEEP ONE inhabited coastlines as they come to grips with their new dark reality.

    A reality populated with crazed cultists, nightmare inducing creatures, and vast eldritch horrors.

    With nothing but the clothes on their back, and no family and friends other than themselves to rely on, they embark on a journey of survival that will not only push their sanity to its limits, but their relationship and family bond.

    The first issue  dives head first straight into this frightening new universe. Dragging us deep into dark folklore infested woodlands of England, where the DARK YOUNG, followers of the great old one SHUB-NIGGURATH, now call home.

    Written by Thomas J. Campbell

    Art by Wayne Lowden

    Lettering By Ken Reynolds

    Cover Colours by Sean Callahan

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