• The Sinner’s Procession – Original Limited Edition Lino Print – Black and White

    Inspired by the strange demons that appear in Bosche’s paintings and the margins of illuminated manuscript, this is a party procession for a newly arrived sinner, who screams in horror at his new abode in the afterlife. The Pall bearers are a mishmash of creatures, who celebrate his arrival with much noise and false pomp.

  • Fire in the Hole – Devil and Sinner – Limited Edition Lino Print

    Bit warm up here on the planes of Earth isn’t it?

    I just can’t seem to depict the more popular images of beaches, fishing boats, and the refreshing sea, so I’ve got a devil firing a sinner into the inferno from a cannon, using his own unholy farts to light the fuse.

  • Persephone 7 Day Novendialia Candle

    Sold By: Bramble & Bone

    This Candle focuses on the Goddess Persephone, Goddess of the Underworld. She who is Mistress of life and death. Beautiful Persephone of the bountiful harvest and fair spring maiden. She who speaks to the dead and guards the mysteries of life.

    Use this candle as a guiding flame to call her to your rite.

    This Persephone Novendialia Candle lasts for roughly 7 days. This is perfect for continuous devotional work, or for regular worship or spellwork with Persephone. Each candle features a piece of Tarn’s original art featuring Persephone’s symbolism and has an devotional prayer on the back.

    You can use this candle of the Goddess Persephone as a staple piece on your altar or shrine. Light it during ritual, devotional work or spellwork when working with the Goddess. Work with it for bounty, or prosperity with the Goddess- Persephone is known for her bringing of an abundant harvest. Use it as a petition candle- where you leave it alight for days, with a petition slipped under the candle. In much the same way as you’d use a taper candle, this candle can also be used magically. Add different oils, powders, herbs to the candle before lighting it to attune your devotion or spellwork for Persephone. There are numerous ways to work with this candle!

    To make your candle fully primed for working, choose the ‘Charged, Annointed & Dressed’ option for £3 more. I’ll then carve, dress, annoint and finally charge your candle for you, with botanicals, crystals, sacred oils and so forth. This option does make the candle slightly more potentially flammable than your average candle.


    Read more about this item below!

  • Persephone Oil Blend

    Sold By: Bramble & Bone

    This Persephone Oil is sacred to the Goddess Persephone, Queen of Underworld, Maiden of Spring, and Goddess of Bounty. You can use this to call Her to your rite, anoint candles in her honour, bring her gifts into your spell work, dedicate altar tools, and many other sorcerous, magical and devotional uses.

    This blend has a floral, fruity and slightly spicy scent and contains within it the transformed plant spirits of frankincense, rose, clove leaf, patchouli and many others on top of a base of Calendula flower oil. The plant spirits have already been primed and they’re ready to work with you- there’s no other ingredient necessary for them to aid you in your work. Simply find an application, and let the plant spirits work!
    Ways to use the Oil Blend
    Use the oil to annoint candles in Her honour. You can then use these annointed candles to evoke Her to your rite. You may also use these candles magically, as they are imbued with Her power. Use these candles to tap into Her powers of life, death, abundance, bounty and her other areas of rule. You can use this oil to connect to the power of the underworld and the spring.

    You might like to use this oil in any oil lamps that you use for magical or devotional purposes. For magical purposes, you may wish to use spoken charms or prayers before adding the oil. For devotional purposes, simply add your oil to the oil well before lighting.

    If you work on the land, you might like to annoint your farming tools with this oil. You’d use the oil in this way to bless your tools and your crops with Persephone’s abundance. You can also use the oil to annoint the edges of your vegetable beds, or along the edges of your pots.
    Where can I find an Oil with botanical pieces?
    If you’re looking for a Persephone Oil with whole Botanical pieces and crystals- please see the Persephone Botanical Oil. (This blend is the more scented of the two, as it contains just the oils of the transformative plant spirits)

    To see how people use these in action, visit our Instagram Page. If you want to learn more about our products, go to our ‘Learn More’ Page.

    Persephone Oil is a blend of pure essential and infused oils, mixed together within a devotional ritual to Persephone. The oils are gathered from plant spirits that are scared to her, as well as plant spirits that are naturally aligned with her works.

    This product comes in a 10ml Dark Amber Glass bottle with a Child Safe Dropper Cap.