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portraits  many faces painted over the top of each other and sanded  in inks and various acrylic media

glow in the dark elements

This painting does have a slight glimmer of light burning when seen in the dark. The painting is quite small, A3. Acrylic on canvas. The canvas was salvaged from the street and originally had a child’s painting on. Now the paint is quite thick over it (detail of scratches in the paint)

canvas, a5 , acrylic paint

Last December someone killed my cat.  And to get me through this depressing time I painted faces.  100s of faces. And walked the streets looking for the cat.  And painting to keep numb.  I don’t buy many art materials so this canvas can in for quite a lot of abuse.  I would scrape it and sand it and paint it.  I glows in the dark.  It shudders with the incandescent rage of a lonely man loosing his best friend of 13 years.  And becoming finally alone.  But at peace.  There are two paintings like this.  And this in my opinion is the better of the two.  More angst in this one.  The second one is lighter almost happy.  These were the last two paintings I did in brighton. After 30 years, that was the final straw that drove me out.  Perhaps it isn’t a dark place for everyone. But I know a few people who had lost its light.  This painting does have a slight glimmer of light burning when seen in the dark.

other faces painted during this process are detailed in the captain_strobe Instagram.

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