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Enhance your Abundance with Green Twisted Candles, charged with powerful energy!

Green is a symbol of material and money energy.

Green wax candles are used in magical rituals not only to increase prosperity energy but also for healing, as they protect health and fitness by complementing other candles. Green wax candles make great rituals for all kinds of new beginnings.

The abundance of green wax candles at home is a good aid for your world: finally fire and earth, in a harmonious relationship, contribute to success and wonderful fruits, both in terms of successful decisions and material benefits, helping to maintain the result of fulfilled desires during magical rituals.

Green is the color of fertility, abundance and wealth, symbolizing nature and material benefits, contributing to prosperity, fertility and success, increasing magical powers. It’s great to use green candles in rituals aimed at pursuing one’s career development, achieving personal goals, or personal material gain. In addition, green candles are used as an additional factor of growth and activity in rituals related to various issues of the material world – such as employment, business development, opening new perspectives for development.

Best results for manifesting income, prosperity and abundance light 1 candle for a course of 6 or 12 days.

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