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✨ This is a ceremonial knife and a tool- not a weapon. Please message me with your ID when you’re purchasing ✨

This witch’s dagger is handmade- using cleansed and upcycled blades. Using a soft solder technique, the blade was combined with Angel Aura Quartz (Opal Aura Quartz), Labradorite, Blue Goldstone and Moonstone creating this beautiful and powerful athame. These combination of crystal spirits infused the blade with a deep affinity to the Heavens- the Celestials and the Upper World. Use this athame for your witchcraft workings surrounding the Upper world, the stars and the beings who reside there.

From blade tip to crystal tip, the order is as follows:

Blue Goldstone
Angel Aura Quartz


Read more about this below!

Moonstone Spirits work with Lunar energies and spirits- it is also called hecatolite for this same reason, after Hekate, Goddess of the Moon. However, it was also called ‘Aphroselene’, after Aphrodite and Selene, and the Romans associated it with Diana. Moonstone looks like it’s made of liquid moonlight, with a stunning rainbow sheen. Their spirits work with Intuition abilities, and works diligently towards dream related magic. Always treat moonstone spirits well, they don’t take kindly to offence. Moonstone spirits are thought to be guiding lights in the darkness. Always there to give help, but will not co-operate when scorned.

Blue Goldstone
Blue Goldstone is technically a mixture of metals and minerals more than a crystal. It is formed from a fusion of copper crystals and glass. Copper naturally is a very conductive metal. It transfer energy, passes along messages. Copper spirits are fast and communicate clearly. Copper is sacred to the Morning Star- Venus. The copper and glass together align this to the fair folk. Both glass and copper are reflective enough for mirror work, another symbol and tool of the fair folk. The crystal’s spirits works with stellar energies and with the spirits of the otherworld.

Labradorite Spirits work with the heavens. They appear as though someone took the Northern lights from the sky and placed them inside a rock. Certainly in Norway, that’s the origin myth for this stone and it’s cousin Larvikite. Labradorite stones are the stones of sorcerers and have an innate ability to help with magick of all kinds. Labradorite spirits move between all things, weaving themselves between the fabric of the universe. They do deep and wonderful work.

Angel Aura Quartz (Opal Aura Quartz)
Aura Quartz is made when you have natural Quartz crystal and fuse it with precious metals via electrostatic bonding. This particular quartz has been bonded with Platinum, Gold and Silver. This means that both sets of spirits co-exist within this piece. Quartz is naturally a good spirit communicator, it shares and learns from it’s surroundings. Because of this, many people use it as a stone of amplification. However, unless you talk with the spirit and let it know what you want it to amplify, it might end up amplifying completely the wrong things.

Silver, in Scottish Tradition, is good for cleansing, blessing and consecrating. It also connects to Lunar workings and water workings. Silver is also a fairy metal, and it’s use in mirrored objects connects it to the world of Elphame.

Gold is good for connecting to Solar Spirits. It’s transformational, eternal, incorruptible within itself- even if it can cause corruption in others. It’s favoured by the divine beings of the Heavens.

Angel Aura Quartz in particular is associated with the heavens- hence it’s name. It’s a high impact stone that will move mountains. The spirits of Aura Quartz are relentless and incredibly focused. Aura Quartz is also good for cord cutting, making this athame a wonderful blade to search, reflect, create and destroy, much like the stars themselves.

Made from Sheffield Steel and the Soft Solder technique. The dark patina is sealed with a UV resin, ensuring it’s longevity. From blade to crystal tip, it’s 26 cm. Athame blades are sold to over 18s only.

Lastly, to see how people use these in action, visit our Instagram Page. If you want to learn more about our products, go to our ‘Learn More’ Page on our website.

Sold as a Curio, not for internal or external use. Spiritual use only.
Bramble and Bone does not guarantee the outcome of any spell or ritual work completed with the use of our products. We only supply products to better equip you on your path of magic and devotion.

Furthermore, by law, it’s important to say that we make no claims and sell these products only as ornamentation to your altar and home.

These products are for entertainment purposes only. By purchasing Bramble and Bone products you are confirming that you are at least 18 years of age, and that you are responsible for yourself, your results and all of your actions.

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