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✨This athame is a ceremonial blade and ritual tool- it is not a weapon. Please Message me your ID to confirm your age ✨

This witch’s dagger is handmade- using cleansed and upcycled blades. Using a soft solder technique, the blade was combined with Tiger’s Eye, Unakite, Amazonite and Aventurine crystals, creating this beautiful and powerful athame. These combination of crystal spirits infused the blade with a deep affinity to the element of Earth. Use this dagger for your witchcraft workings surrounding the element of Earth.

From blade tip to crystal tip, the order is as follows:

Tiger’s Eye Polished Point

Read more about this below!

Tigers Eye

Tiger’s Eye Crystal spirits are wonderful spirits to work with for creativity. They work with both Solar and Earth energies and combine them. Tiger’s Eye spirits bring balance to dualities, making it a great stone to combine into an athame. It’s good for growth and abundance, merging in seamlessly with the other stones chosen for this dagger.

Unakite spirits are nurturers and healers. They are patient spirits, willing to let things grow and mature naturally instead of using a harsh energetic shift. They encourage strength and vitality and work in harmony with plant spirits.

Aventurine crystal spirits are endlessly optimistic. That’s because they alter their surrounding to allow other spirits the very best opportunities for whatever they’re working on. It’s now commonly thought of as a ‘lucky stone’, but we feel that puts aside all of the hard work that Aventurine spirits put in. These spirits work best in matters connected to the home and garden.

Amazonite spirits are holders of strength and justice. They seek truth and integrity. Once you’ve been accepted by Amazonite spirits, they help you with deep shadow work and bring compassion to the forefront of any working. They build up inner strength to support any heavy lifting magical work you may be doing.

Made from Sheffield Steel and the Soft Solder technique. The dark patina is sealed with a UV resin, ensuring it’s longevity. From blade to crystal tip, it’s 27.5cm.

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Sold as a Curio, not for internal or external use. Spiritual use only.
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