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Cleansing Powder is useful for all types of spellwork and spirit contact around cleansing and purification magic. This can be used to evoke cleansing spirits and bring them to your space. You can also anoint candles, sacred space, tools and amulets for spell or devotional work. The Cleansing powder is here to cleanse your space, stir up stagnant energy and persuade morose spirits out the door.

This is a perfect to use when creating a new altar or shrine, or when deep cleaning an old one. It’s an excellent powder to use when you think that a spell might have veered off course. Especially if you think you’ve brought something unpleasant back while journeying. You can also use the powder in spellwork or when starting a poppet afresh. You can also use this when cleansing an object or when preparing the space for spellwork.

I use this powder to ‘reset’ an object after use- especially if it’s a temporary altar set up for the purpose of one spell. It means that whatever spell I’ve done in the past won’t affect the next spell done upon the same surface. I simply gather some into my palm and blow it over my space. Afterwards, I wipe down statuary or tools down with whatever remains on my hand.

If you want to make your spell work incredibly specific, you could always mix this powder with other components for spell work, such as a Harvest oil, Prosperity candle, Offering Incense, Health candle to specify want you want cleansed. However, this isn’t needed if you want to keep you spellwork simple.

This powder can be used to dress candles, to empower tools, to create barrier magic, to craft sigils, to sprinkle around a space, to engage in poppet making, and many other occultic uses.
How to improve your experience of using Powders.
This powder should be considered a concentrate within itself- mix it with local dirt, sand or ashes to link the powder to you as you perform your sacred rites.

This cleansing powder is made from Frankincense, Rosemary Salt, sage, ‘blue salt’, juniper, rose, eggshells, and many more botanicals, giving you a potent powder blend.

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This product comes in a 10ml clear glass vial. Do not consume.

Sold as a Curio, not for internal or external use. Spiritual use only.
Bramble and Bone does not guarantee the outcome of any spell or ritual work completed with the use of our products. We only supply products to better equip you on your path of magic and devotion.

Furthermore, by law, it’s important to say that we make no claims and sell these products only as ornamentation to your altar and home.

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