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This set is a wonderful set for taking your witchcraft and devotional practice deeper with Diana, fair Goddess of the moon and Queen of the Witches.

This set includes:

Diana Oil Blend
Diana Incense
Woodland Infusion Mist
Goddess Diana Powder
Diana Ink

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Diana Oil Blend
This Diana Oil is sacred to the Goddess Diana, Queen of Heaven and the Underworld, Divine Huntress, and Goddess of witches. It can be used to call Her to your rite, anoint candles in her honour, bring her gifts into your spell work, dedicate altar tools, and many other sorcerous, magical and devotional uses.

This blend has deep, woody and fruity scent and contains within it the transformed plant spirits of Frankincense, basil, vetiver, lemon, cedarwood and many others on top of a base of Calendula flower oil. The plant spirits are already primed and ready to work with you- there’s no other ingredient necessary for them to aid you in your work.
Ways to use the Oil Blend
Use this oil to trance- so you can receive gnosis straight from the Goddess Diana herself.

You can annoint object and candles with this oil to consecrate them to the power of Diana. Use the Oil on your bedposts to ask for healing within your life. Annoint a mirror with the oil, so you can connect with Diana using the reflective surface as a portal. This is similar to how worshippers used the lake at Nemi to connect with the Goddess.

Use the oil to annoint candles in Her honour. You can then use these annointed candles to evoke Her to your rite. You may also use these candles magically, as they are imbued with Her power. Use these candles to tap into Her power of liminality, witchcraft, healing and her other areas of rule. You can use this oil to connect to the power of the moon and the lunar cycle.

Dab the oil on to your poppets so that Diana can bless them. You can also use the oil to consecrate any new statuary of Diana. Following this, the oil also has uses of feeding any of your statues of Diana.

This oil can also be used in any oil lamps that you may use. For magical purposes, you may wish to use spoken charms or prayers before adding the oil. For devotional purposes, simply add your oil to the oil well before lighting.
More information
Diana Oil is a blend of pure essential and infused oils, mixed together within a devotional ritual to Diana. The oils are gathered from plant spirits that are scared to her, as well as plant spirits that are naturally aligned with her works.

This product comes in a 10ml Dark Amber Glass bottle with a Child Safe Dropper Cap.

Under UK law I have to state that this should not be used internally or externally, and that this Product is intended for magical use only,

Diana Incense
This is a special incense connected to the Goddess Diana and her spirits. A woody, sensuous blend with highlights of basil, rosehips, hawthorn, wormwood, oak, rose and lemon on a resin base. 21 different botanical spirits will come to your aid when calling the Goddess- to be used either as an offering or to open the way to her divine presence.

This incense mixture is based on the Goddess’ historical botanical connections, blended with a personal recipe. This results in a sumptuous blend that twists from the past to bloom into the present, like the rose plant itself. The floral scents within this concoction are to root the blend within the Nemoralia festivities- an ancient Dianic festival of colours and flowers.

Use this Incense connect to Diana, in her roles as Goddess of the Crossroads. She who is Protector, Guide, Healer, Guardian and Goddess of the Three Worlds. Honour her as Queen of the Witches. When you use this incense, you can connect with her for any of these things. Leave this incense burning as an offering for her.

Also, this incense is also brilliant for connection to her spirits. It’s wonderful when doing any work with lunar spirits, or when petitioning the spirits for healing.
How to improve your incense experience
If you wish to enhance the incense and further connect it to your own magic, you can try mixing it with local edible flowers. After doing this, you’ll find it’ll give root to the land spirits that surround you. (This will alter the scent of the original product, so mix separately to keep the original product pure)

Hot charcoals is the best way to let these plant spirits breathe and work their ways. Simply sprinkle the blend over the charcoal during ritual, and top up when necessary.

Use this incense as part of a trance working with the Goddess. You may find more information and visions come to you using this method.

This product comes in a 30ml dark amber jar.

Woodland Infusion Mist
The Woodland Infusion mist is here to connect you to the spirits of the woodland. Made from a delicate balance of Patchouli, Thyme, Mint and other botanicals, it’s here to connect you to the spirits of the forest. This mist taps into the spirits that roam the woodlands, as well as those that form the woodland- as both are intrinsically linked.
This is a perfect spray to use when refreshing an altar or a shrine. Especially when the space in question is attuned to the spirits of the woods, nature, and the earth. You can also use the spray in spellwork, when anointing an object, or when connecting in with spirit work. Always explain to them what you want them to do before using the spray and releasing the spirits to the air to work their magic. This gives them direction for which of their gifts you particularly want them to use.

I love to use this spray to refresh my shine that is devoted to Gods of the woodland. When dusting, I use a little bit of this on my cloth before wiping down the surfaces. I finish off by spritzing my Diana statue and other statuary, to reconnect the statues with the sacred plants that they feel at home with.

I use this spray when breathing life back into collected animal bones, for when I wish to connect with their spirits. This spray contains plant spirits that they would have been familiar with in life, and so it encourages them out.

Infusion sprays are created from infusions of various herbs, plants and flowers. They’re a much gentler spray than the botanical mists because they’re only rooted in the elements of water and earth. They interact with the spirits of a place in a far more soft and slow way.

This product comes in a 30ml Amber bottle with Atomiser Spray Tamper-Proof Cap.

Not to be used internally or externally- for magical use only

Diana Powder
The Goddess Diana powder is dedicated to the Queen of the Heavens and the Underworld. She who is Mighty Huntress, Queen of Witches, the Blessed Diana. She is the Moon Goddess, Diana of the Starry Skies.

It can be used when working with Diana and her spirits for sorcerous, devotional or magical works. If you need to ask Diana to your rite, or to invoke her skills as the healer, this powder could be for you. You can use this to feed poppets, sprinkled around a working space, used on a candle, shaped into sacred symbols and many more occultic uses. (Check the ‘Learn More’ page for more uses)

This powder is a mix of Diana’s sacred herbs, as well as ash, crafted from the burning of her sacred herbs within a Diana dedicatory rite, as well as sacred stones and other materia. This blend contains plants spirits that are willing to work with you- including Rosehip, Basil and Oak, amongst other things!
How to improve your experience of using Powders.
To get the full effect, you should mix this powder with local dirt, sand or ashes to link the powder to you as you perform your sacred rites. This is because this powder is a concentrate within itself- we want you to get the most for what you pay for!

For more specific uses, you can mix with crossroads dirt, sand, meteorite dust or graveyard dirt. The Goddess Diana is the Goddess of liminal spaces. If you find a liminal space that you feel aligned to, incorporate material from the area and mix it in. Meteorite Dust links to her Falling mythos- as she is the Queen of the starry skies.

You will begin to understand the plant spirits as you work with them. Subsequently, you’ll come to learn from them as much as the Goddess Diana herself.

This product comes in a 10ml clear glass vial. Do not consume.

Diana Ink
Our Diana Ink is a beautiful forest green ink with a blue shimmer made from a base infusion of Honey and Rose. The Diana ink is sacred to the Goddess Diana, Queen of Heaven and the Underworld. She is the Divine Huntress, and Goddess of the Witches and woodland. Use this ink to connect to the Goddess Diana and her spirits, and to ask for her divine gifts.

The Diana Ink would be more than suitable in your devotional prayers to Diana. Or you may wish to use this to record your communication and gnosis with Diana. For magical purposes, you can use this in spellwork relating to her gifts. This could be spells relating to the three worlds, spells to aid with healing. Or perhaps, childbirth, protection, hunting as well as lunar magic and generalised witchcraft. You can use this gift in the formation of offerings, as an invocatory or evocatory tool, or use it to set an intention before trancework, so that She may show you the way. There are simply too many uses to list here, but if you think the Blessed Goddess Diana and her spirits would be able to help you, this ink will see you right.

This ink is scented, you should be able to smell the scent not only in the ink well, but also faintly upon the paper.
More information…
Made with real botanicals, infusions, dyes to bring about an intent or to connect to a spirit, God or energy. Keep in the fridge to keep the ink usable for longer. A clove has also been added to the ink for this purpose. Use with a dip pen or similar. Ink colour may look different to the images provided due to the nature of the botanicals. Mother Nature doesn’t make the same plant twice.

To see how people use this product, check out our Instagram. If you want to learn more about this path, click on the ‘Learn More’ Tab on our website!

Sold as a Curio, not for internal or external use. Spiritual use only.
Bramble and Bone does not guarantee the outcome of any spell or ritual work completed with the use of our products. We only supply products to better equip you on your path of magic and devotion.

Furthermore, by law, it’s important to say that we make no claims and sell these products only as ornamentation to your altar and home.

These products are for entertainment purposes only. By purchasing Bramble and Bone products you are confirming that you are at least 18 years of age, and that you are responsible for yourself, your results and all of your actions.

Bramble and Bone is not responsible for the mishandling of herbs, oils, candles, incense, powders or any other item we sell.

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