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Hekate is the Goddess of the Witches and Lady of the crossroads. She is the Queen of the Dead and the World Soul.

The Hekate incense is primed and ready to use in devotional rites to call Hekate to your side. Use this as an offering for the Dark Mother within your rituals.
This Hekate incense is a deep blend of 21 herbs, oils, resins and other botanicals. Within this incense, the spirits of blessed motherwort, cedar, vetiver, cinnamon, cypress, amber, and many others are ushered into action and devotion.

Use this deep, dark and full scented blend when calling the triple formed goddess or use it as an offering to the mighty night wandering Queen. The Hekate incense is mixed on the dark moon, or within Hekatean ritual to align the plant spirits to the calling of Hekate.


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To improve your incense experience, mix with crossroads dirt, or burn at a crossroads to connect to her in the places betwixt. (This will of course alter the scent of the original product, so mix separately to keep the original product pure) This aligns the incense with your local liminal spaces, making that connection with the Goddess that much easier. If you have other liminal spaces that you feel more aligned to, feel free to incorporate those places somehow.
When you burn this incense, you may like to try trance work in order to gain messages from Hekate. Try saying a prayer over the herbs before burning them. If you normally do very ceremonial rites with Hekate, you may find that trance is just the things to breathe new life into your practice.
Use this incense on lit charcoal to entice the plant spirits into action. Once you’ve used this incense regularly you’ll be able to connect with the individual plant spirits within this blend. This allows you to work with them, as well as Hekate herself. You’ll be able to learn from both the Goddess and the spirits of the humble mugwort and cypress.

When you use this incense, remember it’s dual purpose. Firstly, being a connecting force between you and the Goddess with the assistance of plant spirits. Secondly, being an offering to the Blessed Dark Mother herself. Remebering both of these thing will allow you to use the incense to the fullest of it’s ability.
Incense creation

This incense was created after searching for old recipes for a Hekate based offering incense. The use of storax, cypress and cinnamon are key ingredients in her workings during ancient times. Thus, I brought them in to this incense. This sweet and deep blend is very much evocative of Hekate, and brings to mind many of her epithets, such as Star Walker, Eternal Huntress, Queen of the Dead, and Goddess of Witchcraft.
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This product comes in a 30ml dark amber jar.

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