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Enhance Romance, Love and Attraction Spells with Red Twisted Candles charged with powerful sexual energy.

The color red, from a position of magic, has a very powerful life-giving power.

The red candle is able to enhance life energy, sex energy in existing relationships, strengthen emotionalism, which will undoubtedly affect both the quality of life in general and love relationships, giving them fervour and passion.

The red wax candle is used in many fields: such as protection, fire, fertility, quick acting, force, desire, blood, physical attraction and passion, courage, energy, attraction, magnetism, desire, action, physical strength and willpower.

When your affairs are in suspension and the Relationship has taken a slow pace, a red candle is an ideal option for such occasions. Finally, it is the red color activated by live fire that will connect your desires with the space of options, thus triggering a scale of irreversible consequences that will ultimately lead you to the realization of your dreams.

Do you want to find clarity in every aspect, you lack inspiration and emotion, you want to add an element of speed, increase vitality, awaken your instinct of survival and willpower – light a red candle.
When you light a red candle – focus on awakening your sexual energy, passion and physical health, because it will give you incredible power for any purpose.

Red candles also have a destructive aspect and can be used to evoke anger, contempt, and courage to confront and defeat enemies.


For the best results light one candle in a course of 6,8,9,12 days.

Blessed Be.

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