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This Saining Botanical Oil is for use with works of Saining. A ritual that is a little like 1 part blessing, 1 part cleansing, 1 part protection. Saining is also sometimes used as a consecration ritual. This can be used to evoke these types of spirits or to tap into the currents of Saining. You can anoint candles, sacred space, tools and amulets for spell or devotional work. This is a practice that is more focused on removing unwanted, hidden negative influences and so can be used with a combination of other types of spellwork.

Regular saining, can make sure that your spiritual house is just as much in order as your mundane one. You can use this to protect your own spellwork from outside influence. Following this,  Saining is also a popular custom at major life decisions or events, as well as on the cross-quarter days. It removes malefic witchcraft and spellwork- so don’t use this in an area if you currently have a curse cooking.

If you want to make your spell work incredibly specific, mix this oil with other components for spell work. This could be a Harvest oil, Hearth candle, Health candle to specify want you want the oil to affect. However, this isn’t needed if you want to keep you spellwork simple.

The Saining Botanical oil is a blend that works with the spirits of Juniper, Lavendula, Heather, Rosemary, Scots Pine and many more- creating a formidable Saining blend.

Another point of consideration is the inclusion of Rowan berries. If you want to incorporate Rowan- as is sometimes traditional in some parts of Scotland, you can either add the berries to this blend, or pick up the ‘Rowan Shield’ blend to mix with it.
A little bit about our Saining Blend
The saining oil is a mixture of the various traditional types of saining. You’ll find pieces in this botanical oil from spoken, charmed, water, smoke, fire pit saining- as many types of saining as possible without ruining the integrity and authenticity of the blend. This is to make it usable for you, no matter what type of saining you wish to carry out. Additionally, all of the correct charms and blessings have been carried out on the plants of this blend. These specific plants are ones that I was introduced to by my Scottish mentor. Other places in Scotland use elder, cedar etc. Despite not having the spindle used to start a need fire, I have instead used pine, however, as is also traditional.


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Bramble & Bones botanical oils contain herbs, flowers, crystals, resins, barks, essential oils, infused oils and other magical items. Here at Bramble & Bone, we’re animists, working with the spirit contained within all things. All concoctions are created within the presence of those spirits and energy currents during ritual.

Merge this oil with other products to create different effects, or mix with local dirt or other botanica to root it more firmly to the spirit of the place.

Each oil comes in a 30ml clear glass bottle with an aluminium screw cap.

Sold as a Curio, not for internal or external use. Spiritual use only.
Bramble and Bone does not guarantee the outcome of any spell or ritual work completed with the use of our products. We only supply products to better equip you on your path of magic and devotion.

Furthermore, by law, it’s important to say that we make no claims and sell these products only as ornamentation to your altar and home.

These products are for entertainment purposes only. By purchasing Bramble and Bone products you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age, and that you are responsible for yourself, all of your actions and your results.

Bramble and Bone is not responsible for the mishandling of herbs, oils, candles, incense, powders or any other item we sell.

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