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This Candle focuses on the Goddess Selene, fair Goddess of the Moon. She who is all-seeing, the bringer of bounty. Beautiful Selene of the Prosperous rays. She who is both male and female, and holds the stars within her veil. Goddess of childbirth, and friend to witches all. All are under the veil of the Goddess Selene.

Use this candle as a guiding flame to call her to your rite.

This Selene Novendialia Candle lasts for roughly 7 days. This is perfect for continuous devotional work, or for regular worship or spellwork with Selene. Each candle features a piece of Tarn’s original art featuring Selene’s symbolism and has an devotional prayer on the back.

You can use this candle of the Goddess Selene as a staple piece on your altar or shrine. Light it during ritual, devotional work or spellwork when working with the Goddess. Work with it for bounty, or prosperity with the Goddess- Selene is known for her prosperous rays. Use it as a petition candle- where you leave it alight for days, with a petition slipped under the candle. In much the same way as you’d use a taper candle, this candle can also be used magically. Add different oils, powders, herbs to the candle before lighting it to attune your devotion or spellwork for Selene. There are numerous ways to work with this candle!

This is the Pull Out/ Refillable version of the candle. This mean you have more space to carve, annoint and dress your candle. This also gives you the option to use the glass jar again with one of our wax inserts.

To make your candle fully primed for working, choose the ‘Charged, Annointed & Dressed’ option for £7 more. I’ll then carve, dress, annoint and finally charge your candle for you, with botanicals, crystals, sacred oils and so forth. This option does make the candle slightly more potentially flammable than your average candle.


Read more about this below!

A Novendialia is a custom of Religio Romana- The ancient Roman Religion. It was a period of roughly nine days spent in meditation, prayer or sacrifice to engage with a spirit. Often it was part of a mourning funerary custom, or a space for devotional prayer to a god or spirit. You might recognise the most common and modern iteration of the term- a novena. With the change of Paganism to Christianity, The Novendialia became the novena. Over time, they began to last for only Seven days, although 9 days Novenas are still common and are the most widely accepted by the modern catholic church. There is also some suggestion that there was a similar practice elsewhere with the Franks and the Anglo-saxons, which further fuelled the transition.

Wherever the Catholic church went, they took the practice of Novenas with them. However, in this new form it was happily used by folk magic practitioners across Europe. The use of Sanctuary lamps- or Novena candles- spread and began to be with Devotional spirit and saint worship. Each often varying from 5-9 days. (Although these days can you can buy them in 3 day form as well, it’s just not as common)

The use of glass containers varied from location to location, and varied across time, but glass candles are easy enough to come by now in their 5-9 day versions to the extent that most modern living traditions use them to continue the practice of  Spirit work, saint worship and candle magic. Nowadays, we have more than just red and white colours- we have all the colours of the rainbow at our disposal, which allowed folk magic practitioners to use both their candle magic, glass magic and colour magic in unison.

In particular, within my own tradition, the practice of lighting candles was a very big part of our workings, days and types of candles depending on the spirit at hand, much like with the saints of the Catholic church. Scotland had varying waves of Catholic influence throughout the years and had particularly strong Marian Cults and Obscure Saint Cults, helped by their brand of dual faith Celtic Christianity. Catholicism survived underground during the reformation years, with a third of the nobles and gentry remaining catholic, and the more of the out of reach areas, such as the Highlands and the Islands remained very Catholic. There was also a large boom in Catholicism in the 1800s due to immigration from Italy and Ireland.

This all resulted in the creation of this Goddess Candle.

This candle is 3″ wide and 8 1/8″ tall and has solid white wax inside of a glass shell.

Each candle lasts for roughly 7 days, but this will change with temperature of the room, drafts, and other location based differences.

Please keep the wick trimmed, Always burn candles within sight, Never burn candles near flammable items, Keep candles away from children and pets.

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