Satanic Session returns! Live music after-party!

Satanic Flea Market’s after party Satanic Sessions returns for Pride Weekend to bring you an inclusive Summer Solstice-inspired lineup of live underground music.  Join us as dusk descends onto Electrowerkz. Imbue the season with happy hour (from 6-8pm) and taste some summery elixirs.


 🌙 The Witching Tale
Michael York (Current 93, Coil, The Utopia Strong, Teleplasmiste) and Katharine Blake (Mediaeval Baebes, Miranda Sex Garden) concoct an intoxicating aural elixir that is equal parts menace and wonder. The duo’s sound hovers in an ambiguous region of space, beyond any outer orbit of the world’s mundane conformity and heteronormativity, tugged at and toyed with by the attractions of passing bodies. An escape from the horrors and banalities of now as much as an invocation to somehow unhex them.

👹 Eihort
Eihort quickly emerged as an ominous force to be reckoned with in the realm of black metal. Conceived as a clandestine pact about 5 years ago, it transformed from a solitary studio project into a formidable force of live performance.  With roots entwined in the soil of traditional black metal, Eihort steadily embarks on a journey into uncharted sonic territories beyond the aforementioned genre, while still retaining its original intent and authentic approach to performing underground music.

A vibrant mixture of style, culture, sex, musical influence & facial hair all puked up onto a backdrop of thumping beats, grinding bass, screeching guitar & soaring harmonies. Described as “an intense, passionate performance that is in your face but with genuine emotion and laughter. Flowing harmonies and unique lyrics, that are tongue-in-cheek but always written from the heart. Incomparable to a single genre.”

 🦄 Lilac Underworld
“Sometimes I’m dressed for a unicorn party, other times I’m dressed for a vampire funeral”  Lilac Underworld is a solo project created by Natasha Kirke which draws inspiration from Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Nirvana, Alice In Chains, folk, pop and rock to create a quirky blend of music.

Satanic Sessions
Sunday 30th June 2024
@ Electrowerkz
Start: 6pm – 11pm

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