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Coven Trading

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Coven Trading was the child of a lot of discussion during the Covid crisis.
The idea was simple, to offer hard to source products to the esoteric community while maintaining a professional ethos to the site and products.

The idea gave rise to ordering a 3d printer, cnc engraver and cnc router to allow the manufacture of certain archaic items to be produced and sold here.
The idea also gave rise to the ability to make/sell witch kits and poppets etc, at an affordable price, and with a long history and providence, having some hand created spells written by the last Witch to be jailed under the Isle of Man witchcraft laws, along with an extensive library of tomes and grimoires we have collected over the years.

We at coven trading are practitioners as well as selling the items…we actually use them too.
We have many plans, we hope you will join us on the journey, and please pop by the facebook and join The Coven fb group

We are currently expanding stock frequently, please follow on facebook for updates.

We will never be an all in one shop, we offer a curated selection of products that are actually useful or unusual, preferring to specialise in what we do rather than offer all manor of spiritual trinkets that have no place in the occult.

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