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Karswell's Cabinet of Curiosities

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Welcome to Dr Karswell’s Cabinet of Curiosities… A purveyor of high-quality handmade tools for occultists and magicians, along with other unique items for the curious.

Many occult systems and grimoires suggest that the practitioner should make their own tools for use in ritual. This is certainly good advice where practical, as if you have the skill and ability, your tools will be imbued with your personality and energy.

However, many of us are not skilled at making things, don’t have the time to devote to learning these skills, or don’t have the space for the tools and workshop necessary to do these things properly. And if you have the woodworking ability to make a wand, you may not have the metalsmithing skills to forge an athame or the glass-blowing skills to make a scrying glass.

In our experience, when you are less than satisfied with something you have made, you are unlikely to have the necessary confidence in it to use if for effective workings.

The advice we offer is, make your own when you can – and when you have to buy – buy the best you can afford.

The mission of Karswell’s Cabinet is to allow people to purchase high-quality items at affordable prices. There are undoubtedly cheaper things available (and frankly, some a lot dearer), but we feel you’ll agree that what we offer are unique items that represent value for money.

If you have any queries, please message us.

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